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Fly Casting Lessons with Brian Henderson

Fly Fishing and Fly Casting Lessons

Brian Henderson runs fly fishing and fly casting lessons in Elizabeth Beach on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Each lesson is personalised to suit your individual requirements.

Lessons are available every day with the option for one-on-one sessions or you can bring along a mate! One-on-one sessions ensures focused attention and a tailored learning experience, while the opportunity to bring along a friend allows for shared costs and a fun learning environment. Group bookings are available on request.

With lessons running on an hourly basis and a minimum duration of 2 hours, participants can dive deep into the intricacies of fly fishing while enjoying the picturesque surroundings of Elizabeth Beach.

Fly Casting Lessons with Brian Henderson

2 hour lesson – Beginner

For beginners, we recommend starting with a 2 hour lesson, during which we provide all necessary equipment. The cost for a 2 hour lesson is $200.00.

Individual Fly Casting Lessons

4 hour lesson – Intermediate

If you’ve been fly fishing for sometimes and are seeking improvement in specific areas of casting or fishing, we suggest a 4 hour lesson. We also offer instruction in single hand and two hand spey casting for those aiming to take their casting to the next level. The cost for a 4 hour lesson is $360.00.

One On One Fly Casting Lessons

1 day lesson – Advanced

If you’re an advanced caster looking to enhance your distance, tackle windy conditions, or learn advanced mending techniques, our full-day class would suit you best. This comprehensive session, which includes lunch, is $720.00.

Interested in learning with Brian?

Brian Henderson Fly Fishing

Online courses are coming soon!

If you’re interested in learning spey casting but are unable to join Brian in person due to time constraints or distance challenges, we will soon be offering a comprehensive online video training program.

Brian’s online courses will guide you through this rapidly growing area of the sport.

The online single hand spey course is coming soon.

Other available programs

Perhaps you have heard about the Fly fishers International Fly Casting Skills Development program (FCSD) or the FFI Casting Instructors program and would like to know more. Feel free to contact us.