About Brian Henderson

Master Fly Casting Instructor

Master Fly Casting Instructor

Brian Henderson is a Single Hand and Two Hand FFI Master Casting Instructor, holding the highest level of FFI examiner certification globally (level 3). With over four decades of dedication to fly fishing and teaching, Brian is a distinguished professional in both fresh and saltwater environments. His wealth of experience enables him to offer tailored and personalised fly fishing lessons, facilitating accelerated learning and improvement compared to figuring it out on your own. Brian specialises in refining casting techniques to enhance accuracy, distance, and fly presentation, maximising your chances of success on the water.

Brian Henderson Master Fly Fisherman with Fish

Brian’s online courses

In 2024, Brian will be releasing online fly fishing courses dedicated to one of the fastest growing areas of the sport, spey casting. These courses will provide a convenient and accessible way for fly fishing enthusiasts to master this specialised casting technique in the comfort of your own space.

Awards and accreditations

Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Fly Casting Instructor

FFF Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor

Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor

International Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Two-Handed Fly Casting Instructor

Fly Fishers International Mel Krieger Fly Casting Instruction Award

Fly Fishers International Governor’s Mentoring Award

Fly Fishers International 2023 Casting Board of Governor’s Pin