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About Brian Henderson...

Brian was born into a professional fishing family and was one of nine boys. Brian’s dad and six of his brothers were professional fisherman. Growing up just 20ft away from the shores of Lake Macquarie, a salt water lake on the East coast of Australia, Brian’s toys were 'Boats and Fishing Gear'.

In his early 20’s Brian discovered fly fishing and it has been his passion ever since. Brian has fished the salt in places like Hervey Bay, Weipa, and the Northern Territory. He has also fished New Zealand, Montana and Alaska.

Brian and his wife Anne have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. After selling their Flyfishing School and Lodge in the Snowy Mountains Australia in 2012 (Mowamba River Lodge), they moved to Elizabeth Beach in the Great lakes area of NSW where Brian continues to teach and Guide.

Flyfishing Qualifications

In 1996 Brian and Anne bought a house on the shores of Lake Jindabyne. By 2000 Brian had started teaching and in 2002 Anne started the Jindabyne Flyfishing School. The facilities included a 6 bedroom Lodge (Mowamba River Lodge), a trout river and stocked dams, plus a concrete casting pond. It was highly regarded as the best teaching facility in Australia.

In 2007 Brian and Anne hosted an International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) Instructors Certification Program, where Brian passed his Casting Instructor (CI) test. In 2009 Brian and Anne hosted another International Event where Brian passed is Master Instructors Certificate (MCI). He then became an examiner with the IFFF.

In 2010 Brian travelled to Montana and Alaska to teach and examine instructors as well as fish. Then in 2015 Brian passed his Two Handed Instructor Certificate (THCI). Brian now holds all three certifications and is one of approximately 50 in the world to hold that level of certification.



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